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We love what we do: to revitalize antiques to new brilliance, to combine classics with modern design, to play with styles, colors and shapes - all this drives us. To inspire our customers, to support them and to develop their individual sense of beauty and style is our mission. You will find furniture, porcelain, glass, silver, pictures, bronzes and unique items from different eras in different price categories. Through the systematic purchase of estates, we have a wide, fast-rotating assortment of unique pieces in original as well as carefully restored state. The most recent highlights are featured in our online shop. Our Ebay auctions and willhaben offers complement our own online shop. Almost as colorful as the nearby Hundertwasser house is also our roomy store in the 3rd district of Vienna, where you will find space and time for inspiration and assure yourself of the quality of our goods. Take a look at our furtniture workshop and get a live-experience of the metamorphosis, which let our antiques shine in new splendor. Through old craftsmanship techniques - paired with well-considered color and fabric accents - new creations emerge, which often give our pieces their very unique characteristics.  

Our Philosophy:
Our basic idea follows a charming mix of old and new. You will discover our leitmotif in a refreshing, creative combination of individual stylistic elements, in accentuation through details, in our courage to play with colors and contrast as well as in extravagant lighting experiences. We resolve supposed contradictions in sympathetic arrangements, which always have to match our claim for harmony.

Antiques & Arts


Estate & Clearing


Interior Advisory

About (English)


Our works of art and antiques always have their own history, which they reveal, amongst other things, through their use traces. Like with us humans, there are bright, well preserved specimens, which impress in the original state. Sometimes, however, they are only filled with new wit by minor or major revisions, smart combinations, creative details and fresh accents to finally make the hearts of our customers beat faster. We are also looking forward to customize our items according to your own ideas to perfectly fit them into your space concepts and  style preferences. After almost three decades in the industry, we have a large network of partners, so that hardly any customer requirement should remain uncovered.


Decades of experience in restoration will benefit your favorite pieces: we carefully analyze the condition of your objects, advise you about the necessary restoration/repair work and rework your furniture according to your ideas.  From completion of veneer damage to redesign of the interior equipment up to shellac polish -  we know all the old techniques and tricks, so you will be amazed by the new splendor of your loved family pieces. On request, we can also arrange varnishing work.


If you need the clearing of an estate, we will gladly come by without obligation to evaluate your objects and to advise you how to best exploit their potential. We buy single pieces as well as complete estates. For very special, unique and expensive pieces, we are at your service as your worldwide agent.


Wether the clearing of an apartment, of a house, of a property, of a cellar or of a Roof - we will personally get a picture of the object to be cleared, the extent of necessary disassembly, disposal and of the location in order to create an individual calculation of the costs for you. The various furniture, pictures and other pieces on site will be  evaluated fair to deduct them from the clearance costs. In the best case, these valures exceed those of the clearing.

If you just need a transport or relocation of one or more pieces, we are also available  with our team.


We are convinced that only through the choice of the right fabric the furniture is brought to life. We will take care of the upholstery of your favorite pieces, organize a large selection of fabric patterns if required. Or just as simple as that: You bring the fabric of your choice and we will do the rest ...


We advise you on furnishing/room design, restoration, wallpapering, color conception, material selection and the combination of antiques and modern furnishings. In addition, we also offer planning assistance with housing, redesign  and home remodelling.



Decades of restoration and antique trade and not a bit industry-tired! As boss he convinces with his charm and heart, which - apart from his business - beats for people, sports and music ...


As an architect, the boss of the boss brings the necessary kick to the conservative image of an antique merchant by matchless wit, creativity and charm. Creates the symbiosis of architecture and beautiful, timeless things ...


As her brother Alexander already grew up with antiques - after an excursion to the fashion world, she finally returned to her roots. Ensures the ambience of our business premises and takes care of the concerns of our customers!


Brings structure into the cheerful business day. The multi-task all-rounder takes care of appointments, customers, the small print and the dog. She also takes care about all the paperwork and our online world.


Has learned from the boss with much effort and patience the old restoration techniques. Through his hands strow turnes into gold. He restores like a machine.

Sebastian & Krystian

If it has to be, Sebastian even drags 10 pianos. No longer astonishing what the hell can await him  in the estate clearing business...anyway, he is of the category "a Gentleman never tells" . 

Krystian can cope with 9 pianos, hence 1 less than his elder brother Sebastian. Regards his job also as efficient work-out. Whether it is clearings, transports or sensitive deliveries - you can absolutely rely on our team brothers.


Puts our business into good humour every day. Skillfully retrieves his personal favorites, mixes himself between furniture and customers without being intrusive and strives for a (ball) artist career.    

Team (English)


+43 1 409 97 10 / mobile: +43 676 4126127  /


Paracelsusgasse 8, A-1030 Wien (Austria)

Open: Mon - Thu 10-18, Fri 10-17 or by arrangement

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Visit us in our store near the famous Hundertwasser house. Over 600 m² of sales and storage space turn your visit into a journey of idiscovery for your senses: see, touch, feel and even smell our exhibits! Let yourself be inspired, convince yourself of the quality of our offers and llet us know your desires! Discover some of our most recent interesting pieces, which  might be too brand new to already be online...

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